Art & Spirituality Workshop

Using meditation and tie-dye we will go deep into our center and produce a work of art that speaks to and of our inner self.

The workshop is usually held over a weekend with different activities on each day.

  • Friday evening is an interactive discussion about art and spirituality: how it applies to our life, how everything we do integrates art and spirit. How to create a balance in your life using those 2 aspects.
  • Saturday is the creative portion of the workshop when participants work with materials and create the tye dye fabric pieces. At the end of the day each person will examine the piece and do an interpretation, and have the option to invite Winsom to give another interpretation.
  • Sunday morning is a debriefing of the workshop

This workshop is geared to different age groups:

Ages 3-6 years: A care giver for each child must attend workshop
Workshop not to exceed 2 hours
No more than 12 children

Ages 7 -11: One helper needed for every 10 children
Workshop should be no longer than 3 hour
No more than 20 children

Ages 11-14: One helper for every 15 children
No longer than 6 hours
No more than 30 children

Ages 15-17:
No longer than 6 hours
No more than 20 people

No more than 30 people
Note: Everyone should have at least 3 feet clearance of space between themselves and the next person. Workshop should be held in a space where dye getting on the floor is not an issue. Workshop is messy . All participants should wear old clothes to workshops or bring a change of Clothes.

Workshop Fees

$2, 500.00 USD + Material cost of $10 per person

  • Workshops booked on a first come first serve basis, and should be booked at least 45 days prior.
  • Transportation for Winsom and facilitator from my home to workshop site and return home. (Cost of transport from home to Belize airport is $200.00US per person)
  • Accommodation for Winsom and facilitator plus per diem for 3 meals per day.
  • Mode of payment – Cash or Bank Cashiers Cheque.