Demystifying Altars and Rituals Workshop

Winsom WInsom performing a ceremonyWeaving together strands from traditional West African and Earth Based Sources of Ancient and Contemporary forms . We will look at Rituals and Alters and the power and effect it has for medicine , protection ,love and inspiration .

Participants are invited to explore the Spiritual power that is within each of us. Participants will be shown how to create unstructured alters and rituals , the overall aim being to introduce people to finding their own spirituality and using it to empower themselves and celebrate their strength . Together we will create a common Alter. From the building of this Alter our own Rituals will evolve.
Come with an open HEART .

Things to bring:

Please bring

  • a journal
  • flowers,
  • coloured cloth (red, white, green, blue, yellow black, or whatever feels right to you),
  • a shaker
  • playing sticks, drum, cowbell and musical instruments
  • As many ritual objects as you feel (something that has special meaning to you e.g., a picture; a carved object or other small art object)
  • candles and holders (Red, white, green, Blue, Yellow, black or whatever feels right to you
  • something from childhood and the various passages of your life, etc.)
  • and whatever else your intuition tells you.

Dress comfortably.

This is an adult workshop but children 14 years and over with parents are welcome. The workshop is ideally a 3 day session .
Day 1 : 3 hours – talk/ lecture / question & answer
Day 2 : 8 hours  (or as long as spirit dictates.) -  Ritual
Day 3 : 4 hours – Debriefing and evaluation.

Workshop Fees

Workshop fees- $5,000.00 USD
*Workshops booked on a first come first serve basis, and should be booked at least 45 days prior.
* Transportation for self and facilitator from my home to workshop site and return home. (Cost of transport from home to Belize airport is $200.00US)
* Accommodation for Winsom and facilitator plus per diem for 3 meals per day.
* Mode of payment – Cash or Bank Cashiers Cheque.