Spirit Dance

Spirit Dance Ritual/WorkshopSpirit / Shamanic / Trance Dance weaving together strands from traditional West African, Native American and Earth Based Sources of Ancient and Contemporary forms. Through the dance Spirit is invited to embody us, to heal though spiritual ecstasy

Participants are invited to explore the Spiritual power that is within each of us that music and dance can bring forth. Through the dance participants will find their inner guide which will help to empower themselves and celebrate their strength and return home, causing us to feel the ecstasy of spiritual wholeness.

There are no steps, no expectations. Spirit knows the dance and once awakened, Spirit takes over

Come with an open HEART

Things to bring:

Please bring a sleeping bag or bedding. A white sheet or cloth for each day of dancing. Ritual objects as you feel (something that has special meaning to you) and whatever else your intuition tells you. Dress comfortably for dancing.

This is an adult workshop. Fasting is ideal
Only small amount of water/juice will be taken during the rest between dances.
1 day spirit dance: just before dawn to around 11 pm
3 day spirit dance: just before dawn to around 11 pm each day.

Workshop Fees

1 day workshop fees- $3,000.00 USD for every ten person + meals and accommodation for 3 days
3 day workshop fees – $5,000.00USD for every ten person +meals and accommodation for 5 days
This workshop is only offered at Ocean Spirit Fire Temple site in Belize at the moment
*Workshops booked on a first come first serve basis, and should be booked at least 45 days prior.
* Mode of payment – Cash or Bank Cashiers Cheque.